Useless Junk

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.O k, I know the title may not be to everyone’s pleasing, but it is exactly how I feel about some of the Solo Sex implements that I am going to review on this page. These are products on which I have spent, no wasted my money, simply because they were praised in glowing words and simply did not deliver what was promised. Pretty packaging and an attractive website to not a good product make. What makes for a good product is the simple fact that you can use it as instructed and have both a pleasant experience and a “happy ending.” But things that are too tight or too rough and/or do not do as advertized are well deserving of the negative label “crap.”

Oro Stimulator


Who does not like the idea of hands-free Oral Sex? Slip this toy over the head of a well lubricated penis, repeatedly squeeze the hand bulb, and be transported stroke by stroke to orgasmic “heaven.” Or so we are told. In truth, the thing just does not work well. No proper up and down stroke, no matter how many different ways you try or how many adjustments you make. What a waste.

Love Doll Risa

Love Doll Risa.

Since I was determined to experience every kind of Solo Sex I could try, I decided to buy a Love Doll Risa from Japan. Yes it is somewhat in the shape of a human being but I see these products as simply a masturbation toy, and do not regard its use as “sex” in any way. It is just a way to have a masturbation experience that closely simulated having regular male on top intercourse. And for some reason I liked the “see through” aspect. Perhaps this toy would do the job, and do it well. After all, other products I purchased from Japan over the internet proved to be quite good, including the Tenga Flip-Hole and the Tenga Eggs.

Risa Onahole.

Sadly, this was a very expensive disappointment. Not only did the “legs” prevent me from using it in the male superior position, the “onahole” (as the Japanese call them) was extremely tight, uncomfortable, and impossible to use either in the doll or simply in my hand, and I do not have a large thick penis. And I could not even get the onahole to fit inside the cavity where it was meant to go.

I tried to use just doll without the insert and had a bit of “success,” but all in all this was a huge waste of money.

Trial and Error

As the world of male sex toys continues to grow and evolve, ever developing what I hope are new and better products, there will always be the chance that some masturbation toys and tools will turn out to be duds. However, enough of them turn out to be of good quality giving excellent results to make continued experimentation well worth the cost and effort.

Have Fun!



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