Tenga Flip-Hole

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.F or some time I noticed on the net that a company named Tenga was making some new and very innovative masturbation products. But for a while the only masturbators they sold were “disposables.” One use marvels that may have given a superb experience, but much too expensive for my tastes.

Then along comes the Tenga Flip-Hole. What a curious name for a masturbation toy!

The Tenga Flip-Hole combines Japanese ingenuity with a desire for the ultimate Solo Sex experience and comes up with a fascinating, even artistic looking product. It is quite different than the ever popular Fleshlight, with an unusual and unique design.

I researched the Flip-Hole for about a year before making a purchase, but I am so very glad I did. For some people it is a replacement for the Fleshlight. For me it is simply a marvelous addition to my sex toy arsenal.

To use the Tenga Flip-Hole you simply open it up, heat it in warm water if needed, lubricate the two sides, close it up, and once your erection is ready, slide in and stroke away with no small degree of delight. Oh my, those lubricated ridges and bumps do feel sublime sliding and rippling back and forth over the shaft of your penis. And the larger ridge at the end of the stroke is designed just right to stimulate and gently massage the head your cock. Slide over it going in; slide back going out. Yee-haw!

Focus on Masturbation

The Tenga Flip-Hole differs from the Fleshlight in that there is no attempt made to simulate anything, nor intercourse, oral or anal sex. Rather the Flip-Hole takes a totally different approach. This is a masturbation tool. Rather than starting at regular sex and replicating that experience, it starts at Solo Sex itself. Therefore there is no attempt made to make a Flip-Hole look or feel like a vagina, mouth, or anus.

The focus is on how best to stimulate and delight a penis. What material feels best, where should the ridges go, what should be the design? And the product does exactly that for which it is designed. Slide your erection into the opening and every inch touches and caresses and stimulates purposefully and powerfully.


For more complete information I am including the following video. But remember, the video has audio so if you are somewhere that you would not want a pleasant female voice talking to you about sex toys and masturbation, it would be good to use earphones.

Have Fun!


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