Tenga Eggs

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.W hen I first noticed Tenga Eggs on the internet, I put them in the category of a toy or novelty and thought, “Hey, they just might be a fun experiment.” If nothing else they could be used to get me started before using something more effective like a Fleshlight to bring myself to orgasm. Kind of like masturbatory foreplay. So I sent my $60.00 off to Kanojo Toys in Japan and in no time I received a discrete package in the mail.

I am always delighted when a new toy arrives, knowing that I will inevitably have a more interesting than usual “play time” sometime that day! When I first received my shipment of Eggs I found them to be, as with all things Tenga, somewhat “artistic.” The egg theme was played out to the max. Little egg shaped containers housed in an egg-crate kind of package. Open the egg and inside is this soft, supple, egg shaped material into which you squeeze the included lotion. Take the open end of it, slip it over an erection, and stroke away.

And so I did. . . . later that day. And I thought, “hmmm,” well this is interesting. The soft lubricated material felt quite nice, and the textured inside was very pleasant.

I usually prefer a masturbator that would be long enough to envelope my entire penis, from base to head. This did not do that, but what it does it does very well! The material is stretchy enough to slide all the way down to the base of your penis while happily stroking away. The sensations I experienced were quite exquisite - much more than I was expecting from something so small and inexpensive. And for those who quite enjoy regular old fashioned hand-on-cock jerking off, you can still very much feel your own hand, but the sensation is augmented, depending upon which egg you are using, by the numerous ripples, bumps, or ridges that are gently caressing you, taking you on a delightful journey to a very happy ending.

This is certainly much better than just a prelude to the real thing. These little babies can stand all on their own among your other full function strokers. The more I got accustomed to the feel and function of these little marvels the more I discovered them to be a wonderful toy, well worth both the price and a high recommendation.

As an added bonus, after my “fountain of youth” had its joyous eruption my ejaculate was very conveniently contained within the “egg” itself. To clean up I merely turned it inside out and rinsed.

Tenga advertizes these as a one use product. This is simply not so. Yes, the material is somewhat more fragile than the Cyberskin used to make a Fleshlight or the silicone used for the Tenga Flip-Hole, but it is still quite durable and can be used many times over.

These marvelous little stimulators are so small, convenient, and effective. Great for someone who needs something discrete that can be hidden somewhere, but yet kept close at hand.

A Fleshlight works best if it is warmed up in hot water. The Tenga Egg needs no real prep time at all, making them one of the easiest and most convenient masturbators on the market. Wake up, ready and rearing to go? Have a spontaneous erection while lying in bed watching TV? Don’t want to get up and have to do a whole lot of prep? Simply open the case, take out the egg, squeeze in some lube, slide it on and stroke away to your heart’s content. This is especially good if your age or health causes you to lose and erection sooner than you would like.

Interestingly, I first saw them as a rather cute novelty, but much to my surprise, these delightful little items quickly become my primary masturbation tool. And because they come in six different textures, I got the variety I need to keep my solo sex life interesting, and functional.

This is exactly the kind of thing a young man should have in his sock drawer, or nightstand. A wise parent would make them readily available.

And, as you can see from the pictures, they come very discretely packaged. After they came by post it was quite fun to open the package and discover exactly what the excitement was all about. The first thing I noticed was the customs label where the contents were somewhat humorously described as a “hobby kit.”

All in all the Tenga Eggs are a very worthwhile investment.


For more complete information I am including videos on this page, but remember, the video has audio so if you are somewhere that you would not want a pleasant female voice talking to you about sex toys and masturbation, it would be good to use earphones.

Tenga Egg Picture Gallery

Tenga Eggs, Just Delivered.

Tenga Eggs, Package Opened.

Tenga Eggs, Six Pack in Box.

Tenga Eggs, Six Pack in Plastic Carton.

Tenga Eggs, Six Pack, Plastic Carton Opened.

Tenga Eggs, Six Pack, Plastic Carton Opened, Showing Design of Inner Texture on the Outside of the Plastic.

Tenga Eggs, Opening Plastic Egg.

Tenga Eggs, Opening Plastic Egg.

Tenga Eggs, Opening Plastic Egg.

Tenga Eggs, Showing Tube of Lube.

Tenga Eggs, Stretchy, Showing Inner Texture.

Have Fun!


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