Introduction to “M” Toys

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Ihave been masturbating for over 40 years, and all during that time trying to find ways to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as I possibly can. When I was younger that meant a whole lot of experimentation with everything from pillows to toilet paper rolls. But times have changed, thank God. Science has caught up with Solo Sex and in some cases the results are nothing less than spectacular.

Nothing has added to my Solo Sex experience quite as much as the use of a good quality sex toy. Yes it is wonderful to be able to use my hand, and a bit of lubrication, and stroke my erection to its inevitable God intended pleasurable conclusion. But how much more satisfying to gently slip the head of my hard-on into the soft smooth moist caress of a Fleshlight, Tenga Flip-Hole, or some other appropriately named masturbator, slowly slide all the way in until I am totally embraced in the warmth and softness, close my eyes and gently stroke away until the warm rush of liquid pleasure envelops me from head to toe with pleasure and release. This is Solo Sex the way it is meant to be!

As a gift from God masturbation deserves to not only be celebrated, but our masturbation sessions can be conducted in such a way as to bring maximum pleasure and release. Using the Toys for Boys that I review on this site is one of the best ways that I know to maximize the pleasure. Over the years I have purchased a few, some good, some not so good. And there are others I will mention I have not tried myself, but that I deem are worth considering.

Thank God that sex toys for men have come a long, long way. Some 30 years ago I bought a number of them and they were nothing like we can enjoy today. They offered much, but delivered less than little. Science has come to the aid of masturbators like us worldwide, and I for one am so glad it has.

A Life Affirming Act

The very act of purchasing a sex toy like a stroker is a very life affirming. It is a simple, bold statement. It says that I am a sexual being. I deserve to enjoy my Solo Sex life as much as I possibly can. It is pleasing to me, and pleasing to God for me to do so. I will not be a furtive quickie masturbator, guiltily stroking one out just to get it over with or “enjoy” a few seconds of shameful pleasure. No, I will not do this in a hurry (unless I feel like it). I will invest quality time to make it a quality experience, and part of my doing so includes the unashamed purchase and use of a toy, a sex toy that has only one purpose - to help me masturbate. Yes, I am a masturbator. It is an important and well planned part of my life. Being a masturbator is good, pure, holy, and totally normal. I will do it well.



The first time I purchased a masturbator I did so at a local sex-toy shop. I confess that I made my purchase with a rapidly beating heart, a downward glance, and a quick exit.

Somewhat like the first time I bought condoms some 35 years ago. Back then I was newly married and really had nothing to be ashamed about. I was buying the condom to unroll over my erect penis before having sex with my wife. I was going to ejaculate into that condom. I knew it, the salesperson knew it, and I found it embarrassing. Eventually I got over the embarrassment of buying condoms.


Several decades later I was buying a sex toy into which I would put that same erect penis and stroke to orgasm. Again, I knew it, the salesperson knew it, and at first I found it embarrassing.

But I soon got over that embarrassment as well. After all, after using up the lubrication that came with the toy I needed to go back and buy some more. That meant I had jerked off enough to need more lube. While there I looked around and even bought another toy. The sales people were kind, knowledgeable, and shame free. And so am I, now. It simply got easier with time and experience.


Of course it is easier to do your purchase on-line. And I have done exactly that, a number of times. The purchase always comes in a very plain container with no obvious reference to the contents, unless the words “novelty” or “medical” are a giveaway. And these days I really don’t care what the Post Office and Customs people think. After all, I am only one masturbator buying goods that are manufactured at a plant, sold to a distributor, processed and delivered to me by a long line of other masturbators.

Now, I know that we live in a world in which for centuries Christians have felt shame, guilt, and remorse over the simple non-sinful act of Solo Sex. Well, I say NO MORE. Not only I am openly advocating that you do something good for yourself like purchase a device specifically designed to make masturbation easier and more enjoyable, but in using that device I encourage you to savour the sweet sensations of every stroke, celebrate the mounting pleasure, and rejoice in that glorious moment of overflowing orgasm. In other words . . .

Have Fun!



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