Head Honcho

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.The rather marvelous Head Honcho has been made famous by having been well recommended by the renowned sexologist Dr. Sue Johanson. It was even featured on the Walmart website which described it accurately when it said, "Head Honcho™ was voted "Toy of the Year" by Sue Johanson' s viewers. Three powerful and tight suction chambers inside the uniquely textured sleeve simulate an incredibly realistic feeling for men. The discrete, stretchy material provides a full 6 inches of length. Constructed from high quality materials for durability.

I agree. I have used mine for the past several years and I am very glad I made the investment. I would also add that there are other benefits not considered proper for Walmart to mention:

  • It is transparent enough that those who like to see the action will enjoy the view.
  • Head Honcho.
  • The inner ridges stimulate both your erect shaft and your cock-head beautifully.
  • The inner chambers are constructed in such a way that they provide a bit of suction, which feels quite delightful. That is, I suppose, why it is said to be a Head Honcho.
  • The material is soft enough to give the feel of a gentle caress, yet firm enough to provide wonderful stimulation. It feels nice in the hand, and on your erection.
  • It has an open end. This makes it easier to clean when you are finished. It also means that, should you choose, you can squeeze it down close to your body and have your cock head protrude from the end . . . if that is something you would enjoy.
  • And finally, to add wonderfully to the oral sex fantasy, the opening is in the shape of lovely pink lips.

Have Fun!


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