Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.One of the first quality toys I bought when I realized that masturbation was going to be a major part of my life, and that it was pleasing to God for me to engage in Solo Sex in a way that was easiest and most enjoyable, was the Fleshlight. I don’t remember where I first heard about it, but I went to a local store that sold sex toys and bought an Original Mouth with case.

To be honest, at first I was not impressed. I had already purchased some small “pocket strokers,” ones that had a bit of texture on the inside, and my penis was accustomed to the extra stimulation they afforded. But I experimented. I discovered I could start a masturbation session with my Fleshlight with the smooth interior, and then switch to a toy with inner ribs when I wanted to orgasm. It proved to be an effective and pleasant combination.

Then I noticed on the Fleshlight website that they were coming out with other inserts, featuring a number of different inner textures. I decided to go for it and ordered a two-for-three set with Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, and Super Ribbed inserts. It was a happy day when the delivery man showed up the very nondescript box. It was an even happier evening when I tried out my new and improved sexual toys!

Interestingly, since then, as I got used to the smooth texture of the Original it has become one of my favorite Fleshlights, and I use it all on its own. As well as the Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, and Super Ribbed inserts the company also makes the Vortex, Stamina Training Unit, and Lotus. Another category of insert, the Vibro Touch and the Vibro Cyclone come with vibrating bullets that add a totally different experience. Finally, there are the Exclusive "Forbidden" Inner Canal Texture, the "Mini-Lotus" Inner Canal Texture, the "Lotus" Inner Canal Texture, and the Twista. Unfortunately the Fleshlight company has chosen to associate this last category with popular “adult” film stars, obviously believing that this would help sales. Not so with me.

Interior Fleshlight Textures.


A whole internet community has grown up around the Fleshlight. People for whom the use of a Fleshlight is a major part of their Solo Sex life call themselves Flighers, and a masturbation session using a Fleshlight is called Flighing.

Being the glad owner of seven inserts I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to one and all. It is great for solo use, and can even be used as a sex toy to compliment marital lovemaking. If a wife does not want reciprocal sex at the moment but is willing to pleasure her husband orally, or manually, a Fleshlight makes an excellent and delightful addition to their repertoire.

Not Recommended

The one insert that I do not recommend is the ultra-tight. I bought one over a year ago and it is the insert I have used the least. I am not all that big, but I found that this insert was so tight that movement inside it was too restricted to be pleasant. In order to experience pleasure I need a stroker to be able to move freely. I asked for advice on the Fleshlight Forum and was told to use plenty of lube. I did, and it still was no good. Fortunately, that is the only Fleshlight with which I have had any problem or less than satisfactory result.


A pleasant aspect of the Ice inserts is the ability to see what is happening. Watching one’s erection slide in and out of the pleasure producing channel only adds to the experience. And for some of us watching as we ejaculate is part of the fun.

Stamina Training Unit.

Stamina Training Unit (STU)

I also highly recommend the STU. All I can say is that it lives up to its reputation for intensity, and using it is an experience all its own. It is very, very stimulating and produces a high level of sensual delight.

Simulating Reality

The Fleshlight® was designed by a former police officer who was suffering a period of forced abstinence while his wife was pregnant. He wanted a substitute for sexual intercourse and the masturbation aids he found were far from acceptable. So, he developed the Fleshlight. Interactive Life Forms, Inc. began product development in 1994.

"In 1995, we got a patent on the idea -- injection-molded full body sculptures, not blow-up dolls. They were very realistic and beautiful. But they were also very expensive. After retiring from police work, I'd run a few small businesses, and had a good feel for what it takes to make a business work. It soon became clear that we could never make the business fly financially by just selling full-body sculptures. So we decided to focus on the removable orifices, hence the artificial vulva/vagina."

And all through the website you will find an emphasis on simulating the real experience - the real experience of intercourse, oral sex, and anal penetration.

In conclusion, one Fleshlight or more should be in the toy box of every self respecting masturbator. I have my seven, and plan to invest in more.


For more complete information I am including the following two links and three videos. But remember, the videos have audio so if you are somewhere that you would not want a pleasant female voice talking to you about sex toys and masturbation, it would be good to use earphones.

What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Buyer's Guide

Have Fun!


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