Introduction to “M” Scriptures

Vitruvian Man, 1492.
Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.I believe that the Word of God must be the foundation for all of our belief and behaviour. It is a sure guide during troubles times, and a light to guide our way. It tells us right from wrong, and lets us know the things that help or hinder our walk with God.

The teacher and preachers who take a stand against masturbation have made some strong assertions, assertions that they believe are totally supported by the Word of God. If they are right, then we need to keep our hands off of our erections, and cease and desist from acts of self-stimulation completely.

But, I do not believe they are right. Because I disagree, and I will look that the verses they use and give a different interpretation.

Thankfully the Word of God is not silent on sexual issues. The Bible is not prudish. It is all there. It's also time we took a closer look at those Scriptures that support the practice of masturbation..



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