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Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Significant, wise, or witty statements about Solo Sex can sometimes be hard to find. Perhaps that is why when I come across one I get the urge to save and share it. But with whom do can I do that? It’s not everyone that you can walk up to and say, “Let me tell you the funny thing George Carlin said about Solo Sex.” I mean, we all do it, but few talk about it, at least not in polite company. That is why I like this page; I get to share my findings.

I mentioned George Carlin. It seems that the two categories of people who feel free to openly discuss masturbation are comedians, and scholars. Comedians because their stock in trade is universal aspects of human existence we all know to be true, but few feel free to discuss openly; scholars because they can profess to having a purely academic and perhaps anthropological curiosity. And thank God for the occasional preacher, teacher, or whoever brave enough to defy the social stigma and say something worthwhile about this most interesting and enjoyable aspect of our God given humanity.

And now, the quotes, the first of which just might explain why so few can openly talk about this subject.

Sari Locker

Masturbation. The ominous word that so many people are afraid to mention because, if they say it, it might mean they admit they actually do it. -- Sari Locker, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex, Page 119

The Rev. Leslie Weatherhead

In olden days -- not so very olden either -- this practice was painted as the blackest of all possible sins. Anyone who practiced it was pretty sure of hell. Our grandfathers, including our medical grandfathers, if they did not avoid all reference to it, taught that it was not only a dreadful sin, but that also it had physical and mental consequence which were terrible; these consequences being regarded as the just punishment of God for human wickedness. It was said that the victim of this habit invariably brought disease upon himself and that if he did not speedilycheck it he would go mad.... The only hope of cure held out was said to lie in the exercise of the victim's will assisted by religious exercises of prayer and Bible reading." "Fortunately, most of what was held to be true in regard to masturbation, physically, psychologically, and theologically, we now know to be vulgar nonsense."-- The Rev. Leslie Weatherhead, a British Methodist in a Congregationalist pulpit, "The Mastery of Sex through Psychology and Religion, 1931.

The Methodist Recorder reviewed the book saying, "without fear of exaggeration it can be said that tens of thousands of young people will be deeply grateful.”

Dr. Eric Sandras

Through the releasing of sexual tensions, [masturbation] can act as a barrier to seeking release through immoral outlets. A part of honoring God with our bodies is doing whatever’s necessary to keep our bodies under control—and in the area of sexuality, masturbation can be an effective way of doing so.” -- Dr. Eric Sandras, on the Kingdom Rain website.

The Rev. Paul Byerly

We have heard a lot of explanations of why masturbation is sin, but we have yet to have anyone give us a good explanation for why the Bible does not say it is. Is there any other sexual sin which is not directly and clearly identified as sin in the Bible? There are passages which clearly label as sin such things as fornication, adultery, lust, incest, rape, homosexuality, and even bestiality. Surely the urge to masturbate is more common than most of these, and much stronger than many of them, and yet the Bible says nothing about it. If God felt it necessary to tell us not to have sex with animals, why didn't He also find it necessary to tell us not to masturbate?

I can only come up with three reasons why "thou shalt not masturbate" is not found in the Bible:

  • It's an oversight.
  • One must have special knowledge or be spiritual to know this truth.
  • Masturbation is not an inherently sinful act.

Number one makes the Bible incomplete, while number two is the heresy of Gnosticism. By process of elimination I am left to conclude that number three must be true.

I know some will say, "it does not matter why God didn't say it," or "who are you to question God?"But it does matter; if you want to add to what God has called sin you must first give a good reason why God did not say it Himself. Since there is no doubt that masturbation was known of and practiced by those who originally read and heard the words of the scripture, the Bible's silence on the issue is extremely difficult to explain if you are convinced masturbation is sin.

Most of the arguments we see against masturbation seem to work because the person making them starts with the belief that masturbation is wrong. If someone starts with the question "is it sin" and studies the scripture to find the truth rather than to support what they have already decide the truth should be, the results are different. It is our prayer that asking "why didn't God say masturbation is sin" will help people to reexamine the issue and find a Biblically sound answer.” -- Paul Byerly, on The Marriage Bed website.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders

Far from evil,
masturbation just may render
heavenly contentment
in those who dare.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, MD, former surgeon general of the US: "Masturbation, practised consciously or unconsciously, cultivates in us a humble elegance - an awareness that we are part of a larger natural system, the passions and rhythms of which live on in us. Sexuality is part of creation, part of our common inheritance, and it reminds us that we are neither inherently better nor worse than our sisters and brothers. Far from evil, masturbation just may render heavenly contentment in those who dare." (Now, that is profound!)

Thomas Szasz

Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century, it was a disease; in the twentieth, it's a cure. (Thomas Szasz (b. 1920), U.S. psychiatrist. "Sex," The Second Sin (1973).)

Sean Christopher

Masturbation is simply a way to express affection to yourself. If you can extend love to yourself, accept yourself and affirm yourself, you're far less self-centered with others in your life because you've got nothing to prove. I believe masturbation, motivated by self-acceptance, can help you become generous and considerate of others. Is that a stretch? I don't think so.

Masturbation is hardly a religious activity, but like intercourse, it can definitely be spiritual. Anything upon which you meditate, pray about or do when you're consciously in the presence of God is spiritual. And there of course is the challenge. Should one masturbate while consciously in the presence of God or while praying or meditating? If you masturbate, it would follow that you could masturbate in the presence of God, while praying or while meditating.

It's totally understandable that there might be some pretty big issues of guilt with what I'm suggesting because of all the baggage society and religious institutions have left with us. While it may not be the ultimate liberation, but I'd say it's close when a guy comes to the place in his sexuality when he can masturbate in the presence of God or pray with his wife while having intercourse. When you reach this place in your sexuality, you've definitely discovered the affection of God in your spirituality. -- Sean Christopher on The Orgasmic Guy website.

Dr. David Reuben

Masturbation is simple a sexual expedient that serves an important purpose: It was the primary sexual activity for most people shortly before they came into the world. It may be their main source of sexual pleasure shortly before they leave this world. In between, if they can arrange it, sexual intercourse is a lot more fun.” -- Dr. David Reuben in Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex but were Afraid to Ask.

James Dobson

It is my opinion that masturbation is not much of an issue with God. -- James Dobson, Founder, Focus on the Family, for which statement he has received much criticism.

Harold Ivan Smith

If everyone who masturbates were to turn purple at noon tomorrow, you'd swear that you were in a vineyard. -- Harold Ivan Smith (Baptist seminary professor), and obviously someone with a great sense of humour.


To get the most out of your sex life, you should learn how to get the most out of your solo sex life.

Masturbation is like turning a radio--you don't know what frequencies you'll enjoy until you play with the knobs.

How did masturbation, arguably the safest sexual act, come to be seen as a moral aberration with ghastly physical effects? -- The New Yorker, review of the book “Solitary Sex.”


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