How Long Was Adam Single?

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.A s I have thought, prayed, studied and wrote about the subject of masturbation in the life of a Christian, this question occurred to me. Just how long was Adam single? We know he was created on the 6th day. And for some time after that the Lord brought all of the animals before him to name. Naming something is a very powerful thing; our destiny is described in our name. So here comes a long necked creature, which Adam calls a giraffe. And another smaller one he calls a cat. And one even tinier he calls a mouse. And on and on it went; it had to be a rather long process.

Each species had a male, and a female. And he observed the male and female together, and noted their mating habits. And realized that of all God’s great creatures he was the only one without a female with which to keep company, spend time, converse, and mate.

Your private pleasures
are merely a part
of God’s original
plan for man.

Now here is the question. Was Adam created as a whole, fully functioning man? Did he have arms and hands? Did he have legs and feet? And did he have a penis and balls between those legs? Did he have a prostate and seminal gland? Did his body, the same as any normal man, produce an ample supply of semen and seminal fluid? Did he have erections, and the capacity to have “wet dreams” the same as any other male? And did he discover that touching his erect penis would produce the same pleasant sensations he experienced during his sleep, and even better? And did he further discover the same delightful surprise every teen male makes when he one day touched and caressed his erection until he had a climax? I believe that this is a scenario both consistent with common sense and the Biblical record. The first man Adam was created first to be a masturbator. It was some time after that he became a mate.

And so it is with each of us. For the most of us, we are first a masturbator, and sometime later we become a mate. God created Adam as a masturbator and later provided for him a mate. Receiving a wife made his sexual experience all the more joyous and delightful and fulfilling an event. But the masturbation came first.

So for those who still feel any sense of shame and guilt for their self stimulation and solitary satisfaction, remember this, men were first created to enjoy masturbation. The delights of the matrimonial bed came later. Your private pleasures are merely a part of God’s original plan for man.


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