What If Rene Russo Was Right?

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.This website is all about the legitimacy of solo sex, masturbation, solitary sensual pleasures - call it what you will. But I also have an underlying and foundational desire to share the idea that the normal functioning of our sexuality, especially male sexuality, is a good, healthy, and even godly thing. With that thought in mind, some time ago I came to the conclusion that it just may be ok in God’s eyes for us to enjoy nudity, and even erotica. A wild idea, I know. It goes against current Christian culture.

In fact, current Christian culture has a knee-jerk totally unthinking reaction to these things. Nudity and erotica immediately equal “porn” and are to be rejected without question. But is this a carefully considered response? I think the least we can do is to re-examine the issue in the light of Scripture, how God created us, and the realities of the world in which we now live.

The Very Beautiful Rene Russo

Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair. Rene Russo is a Born Again, Spirit-filled Christian. I am not married to Rene Russo, but I have seen her naked breasts, and beautiful breasts they are, especially for a woman her age. I have also seen her naked from the side, and naked in an erotic situation. I saw her naked, and I enjoyed the view.

Rene Russo accepted the role of Catherine Banning in the Thomas Crown Affair. She accepted the role, and she disrobed. That is what the script and the story demanded. But she did not do so lightly. She knew the seriousness and the consequences of her decision. She went nude after much prayer and careful reflection. And she is quoted as saying to other Christians who disagree with her decision, “Did I do the right thing? I always say to Christians who say I'm wrong, ‘Well, you know what? Pray for me. Just pray for me.’ ”


Personally, I do not think she was wrong. Instead, I think she was very brave to go against prevailing Christian culture. And it naturally follows that if Rene Russo was right to bare her breasts and do so in a film, am I not right to enjoy the view? So many say “No!” But I believe I am.

She even depicted sexual activity in her role. Not pornographic, but certainly erotic. And if you look past the fact that her character was not married in the scene, the depictions of physical intimacy were quite beautiful.

One simple truth about men is that God created us with a strong appreciation for the female form. Sadly, many in the Christian church have waged war on this aspect of who and what we are. And they have done so unnecessarily. God made us this way, and it is good.



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