Secular “M” Links

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to enter some interesting, but perhaps less “sterile” territory – that of secular websites that focus on solo sex. I say less sterile because while these sites say some things of value, they do not necessarily do so from a perspective reflecting Christian values and morals. And some of them may have ads or links to sites that it might be best not to visit.

On the other hand, we Believers quite often think that sterility equals holiness, and this is not necessarily so. And just because we see something with which we many not totally agree, or be one hundred percent comfortable, does not mean we have to shrink back in fear, or that there is nothing of value.

Some secular sites even reflect on the Christian approach to masturbation in a way that is thoughtful and intelligently analytical of the Christian status quo regarding solo sex. This “outside” perspective is often quite helpful.

“Solo Touch,” Flipping Off The Pleasure Police

The most interesting article on the Solo Touch website was written by it’s founder, Dave, and entitled “Flipping of the Pleasure Police.” What may be more intriguing is the subtitle, “A personal story about how masturbation gave my life back to me.” Who could resist reading such a testimony? (Do I hear and “Amen?”)

Sadly, this eight page article was written by a man whose reflections on solo sex led to his abandoning Christianity altogether. But, even though I find the choice he made in the end to be tragic, he does share many helpful insights.

“It is time that someone stands up and says that those religious and so-called moral objections to masturbation are wrong; they are based upon incomplete information, folk "wisdom," and centuries-old negative cultural attitudes toward our bodily functions. This essay will illustrate this cultural repression from a personal perspective.” To which I say, “Amen!” again.

You may find some of what he says objectionable, especially when he slams what he experienced as Christianity. But I would encourage you to persevere. I think it would be almost impossible to not be moved by the struggle he describes in “Part 6: Religious Conflicts.” At the early age of 15 he reasoned, “what kind of a God did I have who would equip me with a healthy penis, lots of semen and good nerve endings to enjoy the sensation—and then call me a sinful brat for doing what came naturally?” And his doubt at what he had been taught was reasonable.

If you read no other part of his essay please do yourself a favour and read “Part 8: Theological Arguments Against Masturbation.” One by one he examines the many anti-masturbation arguments, and demonishes them all. Except for one part where he angrily condemns the usually wrong interpritation of lust in Matthew 5, his arguments are convincing, compelling, and hopefully they will set many free to enjoy the pleasure possible in their God given bodies. Yes, he does rail against the Christianity with which he was presented, but this is not the Christianity of the Word of God.

Remember, you can be a very good and godly Christian, loving God, loving His Word, walking in His Spirit, and still indulge in solo sex as much as you desire. There is no contradiction between being a faithful follower of Christ and being a regular and frequent masturbator. Thank God!



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