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Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.This is the first of several pages in which I will give links to sites that discuss masturbation. This page contains links to Christian sites that are favourable to masturbation, and my comments. The inclusion of a link here does not mean that I agree with everything on that website.

Unfortunately, there are far more sites that condemn masturbation than there are those that mention it favourably. And some sites that give good, well reasoned, arguments in favour of solo sex are, in my humble opinion, way off on some other things. However, for the most part, the sites included here are well worth a visit.

Boys Under Attack

This is one of the best sites giving positive advice to Christian adolescents concerning their bodies, their emerging sexuality, and masturbation. Frank, sensible, and well reasoned. “Christians and Solo Sex” goes further than this site, but “Boys Under Attack” is excellent at what it does.

Acts 17:11 – Masturbation: A Sin for Christians?

This site begins by rightly pointing out that “The Scripture is strangely silent about this universal issue, while not shy about all sorts of other sexual situations and perversions... Yet the bible says nothing about masturbation. This is odd, don't you think?” From there the author states that where scripture says nothing, so should we. His is a very safe approach, more conservative than mine, but helpful none the less.

Denver Cheddie, “Is Masturbation a Sin?”

In this excellent article Mr. Cheddie expertly makes two points. First, that masturbation is not a sin. Second, he says that strong sexual desire is not the lust Jesus spoke of in Matthew 5:28. We can even have erotic thoughts and fantasies and not sin, as long as we are not coveting a person in the process.

Layhands, David Root, “Is Masturbation a Sin?”

On this website David Root does an excellent job of giving an oversight of the masturbation issue. Early in his article he says, “Some of the arguments against Christians masturbating are that it might involve pornography, it might involve sinful fantasizing, it might decrease the desire for one's spouse, it might become addicting, and so on. However, these arguments do not prove that masturbation is a sin. After all, masturbation can be done without any of those things happening.” He then examines and debunks each of these and several other issues the anti-masturbation teachers reference. He also says, insightfully I think, “What it boils down to is that when people argue against masturbation, most of the time they are starting with the assumption that masturbation is a sin, and then they show certain passages where the Bible condemns sin. The error in their arguments is that they first need to demonstrate from the Bible that masturbation is a sin, but the Bible never says such a thing.”

The second half of this article describes the numerous benefits and blessings of including masturbation in the lift of a married couple.

Mr. Root concludes by saying, “So, is masturbation a sin? The Bible doesn't directly answer this question, so I can't directly answer this question. But if masturbation is the terrible sin that many Christians make it out to be, then it is odd that the Bible never even mentions it and never warns us about it. For example, when the term "sexual immorality" is explained to us in the Bible, it always involves at least two living beings (adultery, incest, prostitution, premarital sex, bestiality, homosexuality, etc.). Masturbation is never described in the Bible as being sexual immorality.”

Masturbation: (Another) Christian Perspective

This article, written anonymously and found on Rowland Croucher’s website, John Mark Ministries, contains some fascinating thoughts, and sometimes helpful information. The author takes a strong positive approach to masturbation, and shares some novel interpretations of scriptures that may surprise or even shock you. Well worth the read.

The Marriage Bed “Masturbation,” Paul and Lori Byerly

This popular site by Paul and Lori Byerly has a short series of excellent articles on masturbation. The first, “Why Didn’t God Call Masturbation Sin?, is a masterpiece. It indicates three things the church most needs regarding solo sex: the courage to reexamine this important issue, fresh thinking that challenges old ideas, and a willingness to hear what the Word of God does and does not say.

Then in Masturbation Q and A they deftly examine the tired old arguements against solo sex, and say, “Let us start by saying that in the past we would have been quick to agree masturbation was wrong. We believed that ALL masturbation was sin, and we could string together Bible verses to "prove" that. However, as we continued to study, it became more and more clear to us that the Bible did not really address the issue. When we applied to masturbation the same standards of interpretation we used for everything else, we could find no Biblical prohibition.” Then they examine the issues of guilt, self-control, gratifying the flesh, the connection between masturbation and porn, and the “what would Jesus do” question. As I read their observations I could not help but think that clear thinking beats no thinking anyday.

Over and over again they make a valid, important point; that most anti-masturbation arguments do not start with scripture, but start with the presumption that solo sex is sinful, and interprit life and the Bible from that flawed perspective. When you start with the Word of God, everything changes - for the better.

Dale Kaufman, a guest writer, in Is Masturbation a Sin? For teens and their parents. deals compassionately with masturbation in the life of teen age hormone factorys. He says, “Throughout the history of the church, various voices have arisen, either decrying masturbation as self-abuse and onanism, or simply calling it something which may not be the best God has to offer, but is certainly not the worst either. Both viewpoints, I believe, are flawed.” Now that is what I call a good starting point! From there he discusses Biblical boundaries, and describes the blessing solo sex can be, especially teenage boys. He wisely declares, “Since no Scripture condemns masturbation, it stands to reason that it is an act which has the potential to be honoring to God.” And, concerning teen agers who want to masturbate, “We must help them see that what is happening to their bodies is designed by God and that what they are thinking and feeling and doing are acceptable to God within the boundaries He has set, and indeed, should be encouraged as a means to regulate and control themselves so that they can glorify God with their bodies.” A Christian minister saying young people should be encouraged to masturbate. Praise be to God!

Next, Paul and Lori describe the blessing masturbation can be in an insightful article entitled Masturbation in Marriage. They list sexual refusal, dissimiliar sex drives, illness, and busyness, and explain how masturbation can sometimes and in some ways be a solution to each of these problems. Your wife’s away and you are horney? Enjoy a good wank!

Finally, a guest author writes Pastor's Thoughts on Masturbation and tells of his personal experiment of abstaining from solo sex during a series of meetings, and the anointing of God that was present. Then, as a (pleasurable, I am sure) experiment during his next series of meetings he masturbated frequently and as often as he could he cranked one out. He found that the anointing and ministry results were just as good whether he enjoyed a wank or not. And I loved it when he told a college football star who was a virgin to masturbate before each date to take the edge off and be better able to preserve his purity before marriage. Now, there is some good practical advice. Better than the unrealistic “pie in the sky” counselling the horney student would have gotten elsewhere!


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