Introduction to “M” Links

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.In the articles listed in the Table of Contents on the Homepage, I have done my best, convincingly I hope, to prove that solo sex is a gift from God, legitimate in the lives of both the single and the married. I call the contents of those articles my “Theology of Solo Sex.”

Those who agree with my beliefs will rejoice in what I have said and the freedom it can bring. To those who are patently opposed to any and all expressions of solo sex, the very idea of a theology of masturbation of will sound absurd, even heretical. But, in their writings they expound what could only be called a “theology of anti-masturbation.” The voices on either side can be loud, and strong.

In “It’s Your Decision” I promised to give links to sites whereby you could research the issue yourself. In this Links section I not only do so, but I review each site and provide my comments on their contents. I openly admit that my comments are biased in favour of masturbation.

And I must confess that I do not just want to give you research material. In giving you pro masturbation links I want to show that I am not the only one who has come to positive conclusions concerning solo sex. And while I find most of the anti-masturbation articles sincere and well intended, I often disagree with their reasoning, and want to explain why.

Seeing as the internet has many, many sites that deal with Solo Sex, and their number in continually increasing, this promises to be an ever expanding section of the Christians and Solo Sex website.



Feedback welcomed.