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Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Not everyone feels a need to be dogmatic about controversial subjects about which the Bible may not be as clear as we would like. Some sites do a general overview of both the pro and con approach to masturbation, and conclude by not making any strong conclusions. They do not take a strong definitive approach, but this if often their strength, attempting to present both sides impartially, and allowing you to come to your own conclusions.

”Masturbation,” John Mark Ministries, Rowland Croucher

Mr. Croucher, a counsellor and former Baptist minister, shares the statements of many masturbators who indicate they struggle with the practice. He then examines both the usual conservative and liberal Christian approaches to solo sex and in answer to the question “What does the Word of God say?” concludes, “The Bible says nothing specifically in favour or against masturbation. Sorry about that.”

The conservatives often refer to it as “self-abuse.” The liberals believe it is an innocent pleasure. But he finds flaws in both arguments saying, “But both conservatives and liberals may be missing the point. Conservatives may be wrong: not all masturbation is sinful. Liberals may be wrong: some masturbation may be harmful or even evil.”

Toward the end of this article he says, “At this point some are asking, 'OK. Rowland what do you really think about masturbation?' This quote from evangelical counselor/author Gary Collins would represent my own general position:

Christian counselors differ in their view of masturbation. It has been called 'sin', 'a gift from God', and an issue which is 'no big deal... on God's list of priorities.' It's high time we stop making such a 'big deal' out of masturbation and give it the well-deserved unimportance it merits.

Gary Collins, Christian Counseling, Waco Texas: Word Books, 1980, p.296, from Rowland Croucher, The Family: at Home in a Heartless World (HarperCollins), quoted with permission..


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