Jesus and Sex

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.From the Word of God we understand that Jesus was the “express image of the invisible God,” but at the same time He was also a human being – a man, a normal man with a normal physical body. As a man He got tired, and had to sleep. As a man He got hungry and ate. He got thirsty and drank. And He experienced the same process of elimination we all experience.

And, as shocking as this may be to our image of the male-yet-neuter Jesus, He was not asexual. He was not deformed. He was not born a male minus genitals. Jesus had a penis, and testicles. (He was circumcised the 8th day remember.) And His penis was fully functioning. It was designed for more than just the elimination of urine. When His body went through puberty, it changed just as the body of all adolescent males change. His voice deepened, He developed a beard, and grew pubic hair. And, His genitals changed. He began to have the same anatomical response to arousal that all men experience. He began to have erections. Like all men, when he woke up in the morning, there were times when he “woke up with wood.” And not only did He experience sexual feelings, He knew what it was to have an orgasm.

That means His body continually produced semen and sperm and when His internal reservoir would fill up, as a healthy, normal, red-blooded human male, he would experience nocturnal emissions. Wet dreams, as we call them - orgasms in His sleep.

But Jesus was also a normal, healthy adolescent male. Adolescent males going through puberty discover new and delightful feelings in their quite-often-hard penises. Jesus did too. They discover that when they touch themselves they get pleasurable feelings beyond anything they have ever known before. Jesus did as well. They one day they discover, much to their delight, that if they touch themeselves in a certain way that the pleasureable feelings increase, intensify, and in one overwhelming moment that feels totally beyond their control their internal muscles contract and they experience an explosion of pleasure and spurts of warm semen flow wonderfully from their hard erection. Jesus, being the normal boy that He was, no doubt made this delightful discovery as well.

And no, Jesus was not married. He did not have a wife, or two. And He did not commit the sin of fornication (sexual intercourse outside of marriage.) He was single, and celibate, and I personally believe that He masturbated. If God did not deprive Jesus of the normal pleasures of life, why would he deny His Son solo sexual pleasure and release? After all, it is not only totally legitimate and not sinful in any way, it is a gift from God meant to be enjoyed fully, and as frequently as we might desire.

Those who have dedicated themeselves to singleness, who are passionate for God and walking with Him in holiness of life, who choose to not commit fornication and other sexual sins - but who allow themselves the simple profound God given pleasure of masturbation - are sometimes called solo-sexuals. Jesus was a solo-sexual. His example is a blessing to each person who chooses this path.

Male Sexuality

Why, in God’s name, am I saying all of these things? I am saying this because so many people look at male sexuality as something less than good, less than pure, less than holy. Even among Christians, male sexuality is often regarded as a problem, not a precious gift of God. It is seen as our greatest source of difficulty, not as a wonderful blessing to be enjoyed. Of course there are limitations to how it is to be expressed. But even if we are single, and celibate as the Word of God commands, our sexual urges are a wonderful thing, and meant not to be a source of pain, but a source of joy and pleasure. They are part of what makes us fully human, fully alive.

And this is true for more than just those who experience the joys of conjugal love in the act of marriage. It is for we who are single as well. We do not have the privilege and pleasure and delights of lovemaking and sexual union; the giving and receiving of orgasmic pleasure with the wife God has given us. But we can still enjoy being sexual beings.

The Female Form

Because we are sexual beings, we can take delight in the beauty of a passing female; a wonderful looking woman whose spirit and vitality, and physical form are a joy to behold. Do I like to see a pretty face? Certainly I do. But I also enjoy the curve of breast and behind.

Sure, it is wrong to fantasize about having sex with that person. But to call the simple enjoyment of the female form a thing of sin and shame is to speak ill of He who created such marvellous beauty. And to condemn ourselves for doing so is to accuse God of injustice in creating us as sexual beings. This enjoyment does not come from my “lower nature.” It is part of my natural, and good, and godly sexuality. This is how God made me. Not to torment me. But to simply add to the joy of being human.

God became man in Christ Jesus. He who was without sin became a real human being, with a fully functioning male body. In so doing He sanctified our sexuality, and declared once and for all that our sexuality is not part of our sin nature, but indeed, it is good.

God bless you.


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