I Think It’s Criminal

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Both morally and medically our world is full of sexual trouble. And, sad to say, Christians are not exempt. There is rampant immorality among our young people. So may of them are “sexually active.” They are committing fornication. Those who will not cross that line are engaging in oral sex and anal intercourse, and mutual masturbation. Their dates are not social outings - they are sexual adventures. Some are even into swinging and group sex.

Society has become morally bankrupt. There is widespread adultery among the married, as well as easy divorce and remarriage. People in less than fulfilling marriages are refusing to be less than fully "satisfied." While on the road men and women are engaging in sexual sins, and doing so because "it means nothing."

People actively engage in other sexual activity that is clearly forbidden by God. Some even reinterpret the Scriptures to allow what God clearly does not. And, sexually transmitted diseases, including the dreaded HIV/AIDS, are infecting and killing millions.

The Most Innocent Sexual Activity

We have all of these things so contrary to the Word of God, all the while ignorant preachers are thundering away about lust, and forbidding the most innocent of sexual expressions possible – masturbation.

  • If only young people felt free to satisfy their hormone-factory bodies when alone in their rooms, and when together they spent time getting to know each other, rather than each other’s bodies.
  • If only married men and women away from home, or in less than fully satisfying marriages, could feel free before God to take care of their own physical needs, how much misery could be avoided.

And remember, no one every caught HIV/AIDS while having a good wank!

Young people are perpetually horney. To tell godly young men and women, continually surrounded by sexual stimulation, that they cannot relieve the sexual pressure, or simply go ahead and pleasure themselves to orgasm, is criminal. To make them feel guilty and like spiritual failures when they inevitably do what God created their bodies to do, is simply wrong.

An Inevitable Scenario

A young man wakes up in the middle of the night. He has a throbbing erection. His hand touches his penis, and maybe does a tentative stroke of two. But, he will not let himself go any further. After all, to do so is lust, and sin. And so, this time anyway, he goes back to sleep. The next day at school he is horny all day long. Every girl in a cute sweater and a short skirt excites him. He goes home and tries to have his devotions. In the middle of them he again has a spontaneous erection. Again he tries to resist. Later on that evening he laying in bed studying and it happens again. This time he feels the gentle touch of the sheets against his body, caressing his excitement. He is sleepy and his resistance is lowered. His hand touches his erection and his excitement grows. This time he does not stop and within a few minutes he has masturbated to orgasm and ejaculated.

What a relief, and then what grief. He feels he has failed, again. Mind you, his mind is clearer, and he is better able to focus on other things, but guilt overwhelms him. He is convinced that his "failure" has interrupted his relationship with God. One more time he prays a prayer of repentance and promises God to never do it again.

No One Told Him . . .

Too bad no one told him that this was simply God’s gift to make his life a bit easier. Too bad no one told him that he should thank God, not just for the relief of sexual release, but for the powerful pleasurable sensations as well. Someone needs to tell him that he has done no sin, that God is not disappointed, and that all is well.

Hopefully, he is reading this and I just did.

God bless you.


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