Why So Much Failure?

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Many in the “church” have opposed the practice of masturbation, from the post-Biblical Apostolic Fathers until now. Their arguments against solo sex have been many and varied. It has been a long drawn out battle against a very prevalent practice.

And many Christian men and women have listened. They have sought God diligently for “deliverance” and “victory” over what they feel is a nefarious habit hindering their walk with God. They have prayed, fasted, memorized Scripture, reported the secrets of their private lives to “accountability” partners, received “ministry,” had counseling, and made public confession . . . all usually to no ultimate avail. Failure has dogged their most determined efforts. They repeatedly fall back into their solo sex practices, or feel continually tempted by both external stimuli and their own biology. It is referred to as “every man’s struggle.” They live their entire lives in a state of warfare and sexual siege. It would make one wonder why God made us this way in the first place.

Something is Wrong

So, neither the spiritual leaders nor the most sincere saints have been able to eradicate the practice of Solo Sex. Which prompts what I think is an obvious question.

Why so much failure?

Why, if this really is God’s directive that church leaders oppose the practice of private sexual pleasures, has God not blessed their efforts with greater success? The Bible says that the Word preached will not return void but it will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. If anti-masturbation teaching is God’s ordained and anointed Word, why has it failed to significantly impact those who listen and try to obey? And why, if so many have worked so hard to abstain from solo stimulation, have so few had any great degree of success? After all, does God not hear and answer prayer? Is this thing too hard for God? Is His grace really not sufficient for this matter?

I seems that something is obviously very wrong with this picture. And indeed, it is.

There is a simple truth that answers to this dilemma. That truth is this: God is in no way obligated to provide grace, strength, and power for something that well meaning but mistaken Christians have tried to do. We are asking God to “deliver” us from and give us “victory” over something that is not a sin, and not a problem in God’s eyes. Masturbation is simply not a sin. It is not a problem. The only problem is well meaning teachers saying it is a problem, and well intended Christians agreeing with them.




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