Competes with Marital Intimacy

Vitruvian Man, 1492, Leonardo DaVinci’s sketch of a naked man.Many of those who say sexual pleasure is always to be shared and never experienced solo do so because they think that the enjoyment of solo sex is a dangerous pleasure that competes with marital intimacy. Even the eminent C. S. Lewis made this assertion. He believed that the masturbator kept “a harem of imaginary brides . . . endowed with erotic and psychological attractions which no woman can rival.”

Masturbation competes with marital intimacy . . . really? It makes me wonder if such reasoning was put forth by a virgin. (C. S. Lewis wrote his statement before actually experiencing married love making.) Have they ever known the joys of fulfilling married love? The emotional intimacy of bare body, soul and spirit pressed against bare body, soul, and spirit. The longing to be totally one fulfilled as penis slowly enters the softness of the beloved’s vagina and is enveloped in the velvety smoothness of her intimate delight. The total “knowing” that comes during sex?

The Joy of Marital Lovemaking

Have they even known just the physical pleasure of married sex? The sight of bare breast, and bottom, and bush. . . The touch of soft bosom . . . the delight of tongue on nipple . . . kissing naked belly . . . exploring and giving a gentle oral caress to the beloved’s secret garden. . . hearing and feeling the response of her growing excitement . . . experiencing the touch of gentle hand and sometimes even soft mouth on erect penis . . . the cupping of testicles in her delightful hand . . . The pleasure of sliding in and out of a warm vagina until orgasm and release.

Somehow being alone and pumping an erect penis to climax competes with all of that? Who in their right mind could believe such a thing? Certainly not me! I have experienced both masturbation and marital intimacy. Give me a loving bride any day!!


At best Solo Sex may compliment marital intimacy. When circumstances prohibit marital lovemaking masturbation is a sensible and pleasurable alternative. But to think that, for most normal people, it will compete with the sensory explosion known as lovemaking in marriage; well, that’s just silly.



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